LiftLogger is a monitoring device attached to waste bin lift trucks. Compact, easily installed, rugged and reliable. It instantly logs and reports the time and place of bin dumps, plus a lot more. . .

This information is immediately available online in the form of summary or detailed reports, maps and graphs, updated continually and archived for future planning usage.

Truck fleets are monitored to enable better management of their costs, by assessing which routes are inefficient or unauthorised. It also means managers can plan for the continually changing needs of waste management in developing municipal areas, cut down on downtime and to operate more collection routes with fewer trucks.

This saves time, money and fleets produce fewer carbon emmissions.

  • Only the information you need. No more, no less
  • Get it immediately. No delays
  • Password protected web view. No third party involvement
  • Control the precise amount and location of bins
  • Monitor exact time and frequency of dumping
  • Cleaner streets. Cleaner air. A cleaner future
  • Where is my fleet located right now?- sample
  • What has my fleet done today? And right now? - sample
  • Which bins were lifted when? - sample
  • How many bins in a defined area? - sample
  • Analyze the fleet efficency. - sample